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14K Two Tone Gold Solid Silver Irish "Anam Cara" Celtic Heart Pendant Necklace

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Crafted from solid Sterling silver with a 14K Gold coated heart and is Hallmarked 925. Engraved on the pendant is the gaelic words "Anam Cara" meaning "Soul Mate". It was individually handcrafted by a Silversmith in Ireland.

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“Excellent service throughout ”

Mo Ghrá: Means ‘My Love‘ copy

A Stór: Means ‘My Treasure‘ copy

A Chroí: Means ‘My Heart‘ copy

Pheata: Means ‘Pet/Darling‘ copy

A Chara: Means ‘Friend‘ copy

Meala: Means ‘Honey‘ (Prounounced 'M-alla') copy

Clann: Means ‘Children‘ (Prounounced 'Klan') copy

Iníon: Means ‘Daughter‘ (Prounounced 'in-yeen') copy

Mac: Means ‘Son‘ (Prounounced 'Mack') copy

Agra: Means ‘Love, Beloved or Sweetheart‘ (Prounounced 'Ag-rah') copy

Cairde: Means ‘Friends‘ (prounounced 'card ja') copy

Síor: Means ‘Always‘ (Prounounce 'Sheer') copy