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14K Two Tone Gold Silver Heavy & Thick Celtic Knot Cross Pendant Necklace

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All our Jewellery is high quality with good weights but this cross is extra heavy and large.

Made from solid Sterling Silver with the celtic knots thickly coated in 14K yellow gold. It Hallmarked 925. It was individually handcrafted by a Silversmith in Ireland.



Mo Anam Cara: Means ‘My soul mate‘ (pronounced 'muh anem Ka-rah') copy

Mo shíorghrá: Means ‘My eternal love‘ sometimes used as a term for ‘soulmates’. (pronounced 'muh HEER-ggrawh') copy

Ghrá Dilseacht Cairdeas: Means ‘Love, Loyalty & Friendship‘ (pronounced ‘Graw Deal-shockt Char-dis’) copy

Ghrá go deo: Means ‘Love Forever‘ (pronounced ‘graw gu djo’) copy

Mo fhíorghra: Means ‘my true love’, one of the most romantic phrases around. (pronounced ‘ muh heer-graw’) copy

A Stór: Means ‘my treasure’, usually used to express affectionate friendship, especially for parent and children relationships. (pronounced ‘store’) copy

Le grá go deo: Means 'with love forever' (pronounced ‘leh graw gu djo’) copy

A Pheata: Means ‘a mother’s darling’, for a mother to express endearment for her children. (pronounced ‘fat-a’) copy

Mo Ghrá: Means ‘my love’, for relationships that are that little bit more serious! (pronounced ‘muh graw’) copy

Mo Chuisle: Literally means ‘my pulse’, for the person who makes your heart beat. Also can mean 'My Darling' (pronounced ‘muh Kooish-la') copy

A Ghrá mo Chroí: Means ‘my heart’s beloved’ or ‘the love of my heart’. (pronounced 'graw mu kree') copy

A Thaisce: Means ‘my treasure’, another version of ‘a stór’. (pronounced ‘hash-ka’) copy

Mo Mhuirnin: Means ‘my little darling’ or ‘my dear’, a more formal phrase (pronounced ‘muh mur-neen’) copy

A chéadsearc: Means ‘my first love’, or ‘my one and only’. (pronounced ’Khayd-shark') copy

A Chara: Means ‘friend’ (pronounced 'Kaw-rah') copy

A Chroí: Means ‘my heart’, a stronger version of the above, meant more for lovers to use. (pronounced 'kree') copy

Is tú mo ghrá: Means 'You are my love'. (pronounced 'Iss too mu graw' ) copy

Mo Shearc: Means ‘my love’ Another simple version of ‘mo ghrá’. (pronounced ‘ muh hark’) copy

Is tú mo rogha: Means 'You are my chosen one' (pronounced 'iss too mu row-ah') copy

A chuisle mo chroí: Means 'My heart’s beloved' (pronounced 'Kooish-la mu kree') copy

Ádhraím thú: Means'I adore you' (pronounced 'aw-reem hoo') copy

Mo Rúnsearc Literally means ‘my secret love’, there is no direct equivalent in English. (pronounced ‘ muh roon-hark’) copy

A stór mo chroí: Means 'Love of my heart' (prounouned 'ah sthohr muh kree') copy

Is tú grá geal mo chroí: Means 'You are the bright love of my heart' (pronounced 'Iss too graw gee-yal mu kree') copy

Mo ghrá thú: Means ‘you are my love’ (pronounced 'Muh ghraw hoo') copy

Táim i ngrá leat: Means 'I’m in love with you' (pronounced 'Tawm i graw lat') copy

Mo Leannán: Means 'My lover' (pronounced 'Muh lah-nawn') copy

Tá tú mo chéadsearc: Means 'You are my true love' (pronounced 'thaw too muh Khayd-shark') copy

Is tusa mo ghrá: Literally Means 'You are my love' (pronounced' Iss tus-ah mow-ghraw') copy

A Ghrá Geal: Means ‘my bright love’ (pronounced ‘graw gee-yal’) copy

A Chumann: Means ‘my sweetheart’ (pronounced ‘come-an’) copy

Seanleannán: Literally means ‘old love’, or ‘old flame’. (pronounced ‘shan-lan-awn’) copy

Meala: Means ‘Honey‘ (Prounounced 'M-alla') copy

Clann: Means ‘Children‘ (Prounounced 'Klan') copy

Iníon: Means ‘Daughter‘ (Prounounced 'in-yeen') copy

Mac: Means ‘Son‘ (Prounounced 'Mack') copy

Agra: Means ‘Love, Beloved or Sweetheart‘ (Prounounced 'Ag-rah') copy

Cairde: Means ‘Friends‘ (prounounced 'card ja') copy

Síor: Means ‘Always‘ (Prounounce 'Sheer') copy


Dia: Means ‘God‘ (Prounounced 'Dee-a) copy

Suaimhneas Chríost Leat: Means ‘Peace of Christ be with you‘ copy

An Tiarna Bheith Leat: Means ‘The Lord be with you‘ copy

I nDia Tá Muinín Againn: Means ‘In God we trust‘ copy

Rath Dé ort: Means ‘God bless you‘ copy

Glóir don Athair: Means ‘Glory be to the Father‘ copy

A Thiarna éist linn: Means ‘Lord hear us‘ copy

Glóir do Dhia: Means ‘Glory to God‘ copy

Buíochas le Dia: Means ‘Thanks be to God‘ copy

Moladh go deo le Dia: Means ‘Blessed be God forever‘ copy

Ár nAthair: Literally means ‘Our Father‘ copy

Saor sinn ó olc: Means ‘Deliver us from evil‘ copy

Imigí faoi shíocháin: Means ‘Go in peace‘ copy

In ainm an Athair: Means ‘In the name of the Father‘ copy

Beannachtaí: Means ‘Blessings‘ copy

Tríonóid Naofa: Means ‘Holy Trinity‘ copy

Tiarna Dia: Means ‘Lord God‘ copy

Ár nAthair: Means ‘Our Father‘ copy

Paidir: Means ‘Prayer‘ copy

Críost: Means ‘Christ‘ copy

Tiarna: Means ‘Lord‘ copy

Trocaire: Means ‘Mercy‘ copy

Naofa: Means ‘Holy‘ copy

Tríonóid: Means ‘Trinity‘ copy

Grásta: Means ‘Grace‘ copy

Anam: Means ‘Soul/Spirit‘ copy

Naomh: Means ‘Saint‘ copy

Diaga: Means ‘Divine‘ copy

Adhradh: Means ‘Worship‘ copy

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