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14K White Gold Silver Claddagh Celtic Cross Pendant Necklace

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Crafted in Sterling silver and thickly Coated in 14K White & Yellow Gold. Hallmarked 925. It was individually handcrafted by a Silversmith in Ireland .Gold will never wear off as it is given a very thick coating.

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14K White Gold Silver Claddagh Celtic Cross Pendant Necklace
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Trusted Customer Thursday, May 27, 2021
Loved this in brochure. Delivered item didn’t disappoint.
Trusted Customer Friday, December 11, 2020
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Mo Anam Cara: Means ‘My soul mate‘ (pronounced 'muh anem Ka-rah') copy

Mo shíorghrá: Means ‘My eternal love‘ sometimes used as a term for ‘soulmates’. (pronounced 'muh HEER-ggrawh') copy

Ghrá Dilseacht Cairdeas: Means ‘Love, Loyalty & Friendship‘ (pronounced ‘Graw Deal-shockt Char-dis’) copy

Ghrá go deo: Means ‘Love Forever‘ (pronounced ‘graw gu djo’) copy

Mo fhíorghra: Means ‘my true love’, one of the most romantic phrases around. (pronounced ‘ muh heer-graw’) copy

A Stór: Means ‘my treasure’, usually used to express affectionate friendship, especially for parent and children relationships. (pronounced ‘store’) copy

Le grá go deo: Means 'with love forever' (pronounced ‘leh graw gu djo’) copy

A Pheata: Means ‘a mother’s darling’, for a mother to express endearment for her children. (pronounced ‘fat-a’) copy

Mo Ghrá: Means ‘my love’, for relationships that are that little bit more serious! (pronounced ‘muh graw’) copy

Mo Chuisle: Literally means ‘my pulse’, for the person who makes your heart beat. Also can mean 'My Darling' (pronounced ‘muh Kooish-la') copy

A Ghrá mo Chroí: Means ‘my heart’s beloved’ or ‘the love of my heart’. (pronounced 'graw mu kree') copy

A Thaisce: Means ‘my treasure’, another version of ‘a stór’. (pronounced ‘hash-ka’) copy

Mo Mhuirnin: Means ‘my little darling’ or ‘my dear’, a more formal phrase (pronounced ‘muh mur-neen’) copy

A chéadsearc: Means ‘my first love’, or ‘my one and only’. (pronounced ’Khayd-shark') copy

A Chara: Means ‘friend’ (pronounced 'Kaw-rah') copy

A Chroí: Means ‘my heart’, a stronger version of the above, meant more for lovers to use. (pronounced 'kree') copy

Is tú mo ghrá: Means 'You are my love'. (pronounced 'Iss too mu graw' ) copy

Mo Shearc: Means ‘my love’ Another simple version of ‘mo ghrá’. (pronounced ‘ muh hark’) copy

Is tú mo rogha: Means 'You are my chosen one' (pronounced 'iss too mu row-ah') copy

A chuisle mo chroí: Means 'My heart’s beloved' (pronounced 'Kooish-la mu kree') copy

Ádhraím thú: Means'I adore you' (pronounced 'aw-reem hoo') copy

Mo Rúnsearc Literally means ‘my secret love’, there is no direct equivalent in English. (pronounced ‘ muh roon-hark’) copy

A stór mo chroí: Means 'Love of my heart' (prounouned 'ah sthohr muh kree') copy

Is tú grá geal mo chroí: Means 'You are the bright love of my heart' (pronounced 'Iss too graw gee-yal mu kree') copy

Mo ghrá thú: Means ‘you are my love’ (pronounced 'Muh ghraw hoo') copy

Táim i ngrá leat: Means 'I’m in love with you' (pronounced 'Tawm i graw lat') copy

Mo Leannán: Means 'My lover' (pronounced 'Muh lah-nawn') copy

Tá tú mo chéadsearc: Means 'You are my true love' (pronounced 'thaw too muh Khayd-shark') copy

Is tusa mo ghrá: Literally Means 'You are my love' (pronounced' Iss tus-ah mow-ghraw') copy

A Ghrá Geal: Means ‘my bright love’ (pronounced ‘graw gee-yal’) copy

A Chumann: Means ‘my sweetheart’ (pronounced ‘come-an’) copy

Seanleannán: Literally means ‘old love’, or ‘old flame’. (pronounced ‘shan-lan-awn’) copy

Meala: Means ‘Honey‘ (Prounounced 'M-alla') copy

Clann: Means ‘Children‘ (Prounounced 'Klan') copy

Iníon: Means ‘Daughter‘ (Prounounced 'in-yeen') copy

Mac: Means ‘Son‘ (Prounounced 'Mack') copy

Agra: Means ‘Love, Beloved or Sweetheart‘ (Prounounced 'Ag-rah') copy

Cairde: Means ‘Friends‘ (prounounced 'card ja') copy

Síor: Means ‘Always‘ (Prounounce 'Sheer') copy


Dia: Means ‘God‘ (Prounounced 'Dee-a) copy

Suaimhneas Chríost Leat: Means ‘Peace of Christ be with you‘ copy

An Tiarna Bheith Leat: Means ‘The Lord be with you‘ copy

I nDia Tá Muinín Againn: Means ‘In God we trust‘ copy

Rath Dé ort: Means ‘God bless you‘ copy

Glóir don Athair: Means ‘Glory be to the Father‘ copy

A Thiarna éist linn: Means ‘Lord hear us‘ copy

Glóir do Dhia: Means ‘Glory to God‘ copy

Buíochas le Dia: Means ‘Thanks be to God‘ copy

Moladh go deo le Dia: Means ‘Blessed be God forever‘ copy

Ár nAthair: Literally means ‘Our Father‘ copy

Saor sinn ó olc: Means ‘Deliver us from evil‘ copy

Imigí faoi shíocháin: Means ‘Go in peace‘ copy

In ainm an Athair: Means ‘In the name of the Father‘ copy

Beannachtaí: Means ‘Blessings‘ copy

Tríonóid Naofa: Means ‘Holy Trinity‘ copy

Tiarna Dia: Means ‘Lord God‘ copy

Ár nAthair: Means ‘Our Father‘ copy

Paidir: Means ‘Prayer‘ copy

Críost: Means ‘Christ‘ copy

Tiarna: Means ‘Lord‘ copy

Trocaire: Means ‘Mercy‘ copy

Naofa: Means ‘Holy‘ copy

Tríonóid: Means ‘Trinity‘ copy

Grásta: Means ‘Grace‘ copy

Anam: Means ‘Soul/Spirit‘ copy

Naomh: Means ‘Saint‘ copy

Diaga: Means ‘Divine‘ copy

Adhradh: Means ‘Worship‘ copy